Talk, Communicate, to understand both sides

Talk, Communicate, to understand both sides

Today we speak with Kenny Bell. Kenny Bell is a great American citizen but a better human. I met Kenny as a freshman at UNL as I was consulting the football team.

“I think at the root of it, it starts with education, whether it’s educating the white population about the history of not only police but the numerous systems that are in place that are meant to oppress and disenfranchise black people in this country. Educating that and getting rid of redlining, where funding for certain schools depends on what area code they’re in. That’s a huge problem in America. You could live four blocks from someone else and you go to a school that doesn’t have extracurricular activities and can barely feed the kids hot lunch. We have kids in this country that are sleeping on friend’s couches, just so they can go to a better school. That’s a problem. Why should anyone be subjugated to worse education because of the area code that they’re growing up in? Just doesn’t it just doesn’t make sense to me.” -Kenny Bell


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