Stress Relief Survival Guide

Stress Relief Survival Guide
Commander Jack: I want you to walk through my mind. At times, we had to contemplate, what if we got caught up on a mountainside all by herself? That is the reality in my job at times. Do I want to be drugged, lit on fire, raped, or dismembered and having it broadcasted for my family to see? Or, do I make sure there is one bullet in the chamber? Most people would think that’s suicide and I know it’s not.
Dr. Leslie: They don’t know what you know. They don’t see the moral dilemma that you’ve put the time into preparation. People shy away from the concept of death. A big reason why so many people in this country don’t even know if their mother or father would want to be put on life support forever, or allow a natural death is because of the fear around death in our country.
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Instant relief from stress with no-frills instructions, checklists, and worksheets to quickly practice each technique. Learn how to take back control and have the confidence to face any situation, anywhere. All of these tools have been distilled down through years of experience in the chaos of an ER. Learned and adapted for the rapid pace of coaching patients in 5-minute sessions, it was written by an Emergency Medicine physician who has helped thousands of patients with these techniques. Easy to follow and beautifully designed, the Stress Relief Survival Guide is a handbook to prepare you for anything. The techniques have been tested through it all- from how to deal with a newborn screaming, to how to quiet an overactive mind, to achieving calm when facing life and death decisions. Whatever your situation, there is a checklist of tools that you can learn within minutes and will de-stress your mind and body within seconds. Jam-packed with the best stress techniques in a step by step format, this book will quickly guide you directly to achieving stress and anxiety relief through diagrams, guided worksheets, and right to the point instructions. This book will set you on the path to achieving your mindfulness and self-care goals to be a better performer, less stressed, and best YOU without losing any productivity.

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