Mind Gives Up Before the Body

Mind Gives Up Before the Body

What is the 40% Rule in SEAL Team?
Commander Jack: Never heard on active duty SEAL team in 20 years anybody reference a percentage. The reference is how much more is left in the tank when your mind has gotten to the point where it says I’m done.
That right there gives you a little advantage knowing that your body can handle more.
The Mind-Body connection can lie to you. There are good natural reasons through evolution that our brain does that to keep us safe. But there are times that you want to be able to override your instincts and most of those are in high-stress situations. An example would be a car wreck. , You are coming up on a nasty scene and the fact that there may be blood all over the scene or even severe injuries. You want to provide some kind of support as best you can. You’re looking at something you haven’t seen. You might have a visceral reaction, you’ll probably throw up. You’re not out of the fight, throw up, get to work, get in there, do the best you can. Think of how many people freeze right there.

Drives me nuts in society to see human beings frozen when they are capable of so much more.

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