Jake Gibb, Professional Beach Volleyball Player

Jake Gibb, Professional Beach Volleyball Player

Today on the podcast we’ve got a full house including my business partner Dr. Larry Widman, Scott Papek, and professional beach volleyball player on the AVP tour and olympian Jake Gibb. I’ve had the privilege to get to know Jake on the golf course. We talk golf, his career, cancer, how to pick your team, and an interesting look at the Olympics from someone who has competed in it multiple times.

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Jake Gibb, Professional Beach Volleyball Player

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Podcast Transcript

So we in beach volleyball, we have to form our team around us. I decide who my coaches, I decide who my partner is. I decide who my strength coaches, I decide who my sports psychologist is my strength trainer, my agent, you know all the guys that helped during practice. So I pull that all together. So I’m the guy when you know you think it’s just a two-man sport. It’s not that big, but my team. Yeah, my team is 10 1112 deep, but it was one of the most important lessons I learned is that like, dude, you have to take this seriously and get the right team around you. Because once you put that team around you, I think the most important thing is to like do your research first. Get the right guys around, you get the right partner, get the right coach. And then once you have that team fully buy-in, because once you buy-in, then you never look back, right. We bought into the team, we believe in it and then we’re like we don’t i don’t question things. After that.