Accountability | Conversation with A Navy SEAL CDR

Accountability | Conversation with A Navy SEAL CDR
New Series ALERT: For now, let’s call it Joe Vs Pro. Jack is highly trained and spent his Navy SEAL career around elite leadership and culture. For those of us who aren’t trained and are interested in personal growth or growth mindset, let’s pick his brain. Today’s topic is ACCOUNTABILITY.
“We can see commonalities with great organizations and leaders. The strongest leaders I see are the ones who know they don’t know everything.
They surround themselves with people who think differently than they do and are who are strong where they aren’t. So in a sense, they’re using this tree of people to provide information to make decisions.
Strong leadership understands they’re not the smartest person, but they also are very confident in knowing what their power structure is, which means they know that the responsibility is theirs.
If the mission or project is a success they are smart enough to know it was everybody.  If it goes bad, they have the moral-ethical courage to own it.”

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