Commander Jack Riggins Keynote Speaker

Jack Riggins

Navy SEAL Commander & Keynote Speaker

CDR Jack Riggins USN (SEAL) RET.

Adversity, Leadership, teamwork accountability

Commander Jack Riggins USN (SEAL) Ret. spent 20 years leading Special Operations Forces throughout the globe.  Jack is a leadership and cultural dynamics expert, professional speaker, and consultant to high-performance business leaders, Pro-athletes, Olympians, and NCAA Teams.

Jack earned an NROTC scholarship and graduated from The University of Nebraska in 1998, and is also a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College and holds a Master’s Degree in Global/International Affairs and Interagency Collaboration from Kansas University.

Jacks “Darkside of the Elite” Keynotes, focuses on his life journey from childhood to now. 

He uses his unique life story and experiences to educate and inspire the themes, of overcoming adversity, drive, growth, leadership, teamwork, and accountability to transform people into the absolute best version of themselves.   It is unfiltered, raw, and fast-paced and has already inspired millions.

Jack participated in several conflicts and contingency operations throughout the globe in his 20-year Naval career. Assigned to SEAL Team ONE during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks Jack participated in contingency operations as part of the United States' initial response from October to December 2001. Later, assigned to SEAL Team THREE as a Troop Commander, Jack was the Commander of Naval Special Warfare Task Unit-Ramadi, Iraq in charge of counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations in Al-Anbar Province. Jack was the first SEAL Troop Commander, leading Operations for Special Reconnaissance Team-1 focusing on Multidiscipline Intelligence Support Missions for SEAL Team, Special Mission Units, and other government agencies. Jack’s last assignment was as the Director of Combating Terrorism for Special Operations Command Europe.

Early childhood trauma and abuse shaped Jack tremendously, but he developed grit and drive with the help of coaches, teachers, and mentors to focus the anger into joining the most elite Special Operations Unit in the world.  Inside SEAL Team and through the 20 years of service he experienced great personal growth becoming the family man he is today.  His insights on Leadership and Teamwork forged are second to none and have been in high demand since retiring by business, pro-athletes, Olympians, and NCAA Teams.   The story isn’t without a cost: injuries, drug abuse, alcoholism, bad choices all part of the journey.  The accountability lessons to oneself, family, and teammates that provides strength, experience, and hope to anyone suffering is delivered by a man that has been there and done that.   Jack’s mission is to spread the experience and make this world a better place one person at a time!